Why Become a Member of ECCP3?

Why YOU should join Elgin Community College Pension Plan Participants ( ECCP-3 )

Are you a participant or a beneficiary of the State Universities Retirement System (SURS)?

  If so, you have an invested interest in safeguarding your retirement benefits. 

Who is your VOICE at the Capitol working to protect those retirement benefits?

  •   The State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA) is the only organization in the State of Illinois that totally focuses on preserving and protecting the public pension system and the healthcare benefits of the 208,000 plus SURS members. 

How does SUAA/ECCP3 protect your retirement benefits?

  • By partnering with coalitions that focus on pension, healthcare and higher education.
  • With three lobbyists working at the Capitol on SUAA legislative issues.
  • By monitoring and participating on state mandated committees.
  • Through fostering communication channels with legislators and other policymakers.
  • By collaborating with the State Universities Retirement System.

Why do you need the VOICE of SUAA/ECCP3?

  • As the State of Illinois scrambles to cut costs to fill massive holes in the State’s budget, SUAA is at the forefront diligently working with the legislature and policymakers to ensure that your proactive VOICE is heard at the table when decisions are made that can affect your pension and retirement benefits.

 How does joining the SUAA/ECCP3 membership make a difference?

  •  Your membership strengthens the VOICE, furthering the successful advocacy and lobbying efforts of SUAA on your behalf.

 How can you join the SUAA/ECCP3 membership? Contact